Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Interesting Trump Speculation Du Jour "The Establishment's "Kennedy Solution" To Trump And "Huckabee VP"

The fact that substantial section of the political aware have accepted the fact that Donald Trump will indeed be the GOP's nominee has led to some interesting speculation from various quarters.
Some are beyond the hmmmm factor and are at the "well perhaps" level.

Two of the most interesting, to me at least, are as follows;

"Mike Huckabee would be the best choice for Trump's VP"

"Huckabee has been making favorable, comments, or comments supportive of Trump recently."
Well yes, yes he has;

"But while Huckabee praised Clinton, he harbors no expectation that Trump is offending any voters with his attacks on the former president. "Nothing's backfired on Donald Trump yet," he said. "He's played the whole media game like a kid on Christmas morning with a toy drum."'


"Huckabee: If Trump's Nominee 'Of Course I'll Support Him"

In the same article Huckabee attacks Cruz who is Trump's main rival in Iowa.

Which leads straight on to the next out of the box thought to wit;

"Huckabee is angling to be Trump's VP and would be the best choice as he will not only shore up Trump's conservative bona fides but ensure that evangelicals don't sit out the election as they did in 2012. This team might deliver Iowa's 6 Electoral College votes which could be vital in a close election. It also adds the experience of a governor to Trump's campaign team."

I have to admit the thought of Huckabee as Trump's VP never occurred to me, being caught up in the "It has to be a woman and if a Hispanic woman even better" concept. But with Susana Martinez in strife that may have come to a conclusion. Certainly Palin, Sandoval, Ayotte, Carson and Cruz of course remain front and center but Huckabee...hmmmm.

The second thought making the rounds has, again something to do with Trump's VP choice but in a totally different manner. It goes like this;

Trump may/will get the JFK treatment. If they can't get rid of him via the electoral process or by machinations at the convention or, in a last desperate effort by tacitly supporting Hillary  and/or pumping up a "sane' Republican to run third party the "Oswald remedy" is always at hand.

This might take place during the campaign or, if a "wait and see attitude is adopted' some time into his presidency if the powers that be are threatened. The key to this concept is to have a VP who will be an Establishment controlled person so Cruz/Carson/Palin must be blocked from getting the nod. How might that be accomplished?

Simple. The GOPe would hold out an olive branch to Trump before the VP choice advising that in return for an Establishment person as VP Trump would not only get all the money he might need for the general election but the support of the media and the party hierarchy. It's very clear such a 'devil's bargain" might not be the healthiest.

What might be Trump's safety mechanism in this scenario? Choosing a VP who, in the eyes of the Establishment, would be worse for their designs than Trump. To ensure he actually served a full four years his best choice might indeed be from among Palin/Cruz/Carson and an even more bitter pill
Rand Paul! Hmmmm indeed.

That such thoughts are circulation shows, again, the acceptance that Trump most likely will be the nominee (baring point two being put in effect early). It shows too the level of distrust, if not downright hatred of the Republican Establishment and the media which is a driving force in the rise of Trump. 

That such hatred is not held by the Establishment it would be foolish to not consider, how far that mutual mistrust might take things is a matter conjecture and there has been plenty of such so far and it shows no signs of ceasing but rather accelerating as the first primary elections come into view.

NB;I don't hold to these views but I do hold to the fact that they are significant as representative of aspects of the social and political turmoil at the end of the Obama years.