Monday, December 14, 2015

Donald Trump's incredible Poll Day 38% and 41% in Phone/Interview Polls Regains Lead In Iowa

The last refuge for the Trump haters Pollsters (one and the same) and "pundits" who are heading for the dustbin of history was "Trump has a ceiling of 25%-30% in the polls. And "when the field narrows the voters will unite around the Establishment candidate."

The first major non-online polls taken entirely after Trump's "Muslim immigration halt" speech have blown that sad meme out of the water and with it the last shreds of any remaining reputation the pundits may have had.

Firstly a new Monmouth poll has Trump at 41%. This is his highest in that poll. It makes his aggregate polling of all polls at both Huffington Post, which compiles all polls, and Real Clear Politics which aggregates selected polls, at his highest point ever.

Secondly Trump is so far out in front even if ALL the Establishment candidates votes went to one person he would still beat them-comfortably. And of course, woe to the establishment, Senator Cruz is in second place so if the unthinkable happened Cruz would receive most of Trump's support-it would hardly go to Christie for example, so the Establishment would be no better off.

And, so much for the "Trump has lost his lead in Iowa, Cruz surges" media meme (and again, what do they gain?) The new Quinnipiac Poll for Iowa has Trump rising 7 points from the obviously distorted Selzer poll which had Cruz way in front.

Another Media meme exploded;  ABC POLL Trump leads in all category of GOP voters polled and leads all candidates in support from college educated voters.

ABC "Trump only up a slight" 6 points to 38% only 6 behind Hillary who "51% "express anxiety at the thought of"

Here are the facts;