Monday, December 21, 2015

Time For The Annual "Bottom 10 Worst Leftist Websites Of The Year" Awards

Yes, after another year of hate, bile, lies, idiocy, distortion, filth, madness, and above all Palin Derangement Syndrome in extremis it's time to list those websites/blogs that stood out in all their horrific sewer drenched rags as the worst of the worst (the term "best" just doesn't fit in the category).

So too is it not capable of listing them from one to ten as they are all "ten" (or "1000" if readers patience could be imposed upon to that degree). Here then are the worst of the worst for 2015;

Wonkette. The nadir of the nadir with the cast of alleged humans Evan Hurst "Doktor Zoom" (an utterly childish nomenclature as befits the site) Kaili Joy Gray and the ringmaster one Rebecca Schoenkopf who, "it is a legitimate question to raise" may have been passing off a child as her own in order to continue her admitted career as a grifter which included begging readers for booze, cigarettes and free accommodation and endless supply of money.

Jezebel-Gawker Both from the same Augean  stable of filth that even Hercules could not cleanse

Daily Beast

Huffington Post

Joe.My.God (Radical Gay site obsessed with Palin)

Towleroad (radical Gay site beloved by Memeorandum/obsessed with Palin)

Washington Post (Politics section with Philip Bump and Dana Milbank) (Abode of yet another radical leftist Gay Nate Silver and badly named "Forecaster Enten"  Harry Enten) 

Daily Kos ( where the truly abhorrent Kos Moulitsas froths and gibbers and sends out idiotic tweets accusing the GOP of San Bernardino and Palin of Giffords).

I may have left some particularly vile sites out but one can breathe in the rotten stench of the above for so long without considering other fetid examples. But, readers are most welcome to make their own suggestions