Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Time For The Annual "Bottom 17 Worst Leftists Of The Year" Awards;From Schoenkopf To Moulitsas

Yes, after another year of hate, bile, lies, idiocy, distortion, filth, madness, and above all Palin Derangement Syndrome in extremis it's time to list those media personalities that stood out in all their horrific sewer drenched rags as the worst of the worst (the term "best" just doesn't fit in the category).

The websites and blogs and newspapers these characters inhabit had their own special award ceremony but some are so vile they stand out head and shoulders, or rather wattle and beak. 

To the list of defining characteristics above they have one further a special attitude of absolute elitism and condescension to the lower orders-especially the ones in flyover country at the very mention of whom their nostril reflexively turn upwards.

The only saving grace I can imagine with these people is that they have provided endless amusement as they twist and turn struggling to get away from the walloping that Donald Trump has delivered to them as their prognostication of his demise make them look utter fools.

A special Madame Tussaud's rogues gallery from 2015;

*Markos Moulitsas (Daily Kos)
Rebecca Schoenkopf (Wonkette)
Dana Milbank (Washington Post)
Nate Silver (583.com)
Philip Bump (Washington Post)
Josh Marshall (TPM)
Kaili Joy Gray (Wonkette)
Evan Hurst (Wonkette)
Doug Mataconis (Outside The Beltway-a Libertarian)
Marty Kelly (Idiotic byline"Doktor Zoom" at Wonkette)
Chris Weigant (Huffington Post)
Charles Johnson (Little Green Footballs)
Sarah Reese Jones (PoliticusUSA)
Jesse Griffen  ("Gryphen" at mad site Immoral Minority)
Joan Walsh (Salon)
Roger Simon (Politico)
Robin Abcarian (Los Angeles Times)

* I am indebted to Mr. Bump for his notice of a typo in the original edition of this article