Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dem's Shoot Themselves In The Foot with Palin Obsession

I really shouldn't write this which, under normal circumstances,would assist the Democratic party to right their sinking ship.However, such is their blind obsession with Sarah Palin that even the clearly obvious won't make them desist from their mad course. I am writing though in the, no doubt forlorn, hope that at least a few sufferers of Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS) will move on to rationality so we can start to commence a rational public discourse and Palin can get at least a chance of breathing none fetid air.

The basic facts are that the left has spent incalculable amounts of energy, money, and most of all time railing (and that is not too harsh a word) against someone who is not a candidate for anything, resigned from, and now holds, no elective office-in fact may never hold any, has "unfavorables" which have ranged above 50% for an extended period and if she were to become the Republican nominee years from  now would be one that the left constantly prays for as an easy beat in their eyes.

If even half of this prodigious expenditure of time and resources had been spent supporting President Obama and his program, and working on behalf of Democratic candidates in the various elections over the past year we might be looking at a very different political landscape-certainly it couldn't be any worse for them.

But they just can't help themselves-it really is unprecedented. Sarah Palin is doing the Republican party a tremendous service just by existing. Her enemies have lost all rationality-it is like a mongoose and a cobra.

On the MSNBC list of clips from various shows there were 3028 views of a Keith Olberman discourse on the Massachusetts election and 28300 views of a discussion panel clip on the deep subject of  "How can Palin be a pundit when she doesn't know anything? " The same applies on the radical left website Daily Kos where a Palin discussion topic will run into the hundreds of comments An occasional person will post "why are we even discussing this person" and then they continue to rail on in the most juvenile manner.

There would be little doubt that part of the reason for the decline of the liberal left is their being exposed, by the sheer volume of their bile,spite, irrationality and, sad to say in the case of many leftist women, sheer cattiness to Palin. They are un-liberal in the classic sense of the word rather, the left has been exposed as elitist.

Obama's "hidden" speech in San Francisco (the perfect place for such thoughts) where he categorized the common person as "clinging to their guns and their religion" should have been the telling blow against his campaign .Only now, a year into his Presidency, can everyone see that this elitism, and the concomitant put down of the great mass of humble Americans by the "we know best" left, is the true face of modern liberalism.

The people are saying loud and clear what they think of this administration and the liberal media at the ballot box and town hall meetings and come next November will say so nationwide.Sarah Palin deserves all the financial success that has come her way and any political success she so chooses to seek for having, singlehandedly, born the brunt of the lefts bile. She is still standing, is tempered and gaining in authority and public respect whilst her attackers wallow in the mud of their own creation not noticing they are sinking-in fact, like pigs, enjoy the very wallow that is pulling them under-more fools they.

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