Sunday, January 10, 2010

Now Palin is ridiculed by liberal elitists for believing in God

 This is the story the liberal media have chosen to attack Palin with.

Sarah Palin believed that Sen. John McCain chose her to be his running mate in 2008 because of “God’s plan,” according to a top political strategist in the Arizona Republican’s campaign.

In an interview with the CBS news magazine “60 Minutes,” Steve Schmidt described Palin as “very calm — nonplussed” after McCain met with her at his Arizona ranch just before putting her on the Republican ticket. McCain had planned to name Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., as his vice presidential choice until word leaked, sparking what Schmidt called political blowback over picking the 2000 Democratic vice presidential nominee.

Schmidt said he asked Palin about her serenity in the face of becoming “one of the most famous people in the world.” He quoted her as saying, “It’s God’s plan.”.

When Obama sets out he is a Christian (he must be as of course he  attended Rev. Wright's church for so many years) well that is o.k. He, and any other Dem can be of any faith they like. But if Sarah Palin believes that her path in life, her Christian walk, is guided by Christ then that gets headline news and quoted in italics as if it is some weird example of how strange she is.

What are we to make of that, is America not overwhelmingly God respecting in the judeo-christian tradition?
Is "In God we trust" still on our coins? Why then is Palin singled out for believing what multitudes of millions do and especially at a time in her life which was a turning point which very few will even approach?

This is a question for the AP,The Guardian (sneeringly lib) The Huffington Post and Washington Post and of course MSNBC who all ran with this "story" should be asked to address.

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