Thursday, January 21, 2010

A "Scozzafava" question for Crist and Kay Bailey Hutchison UPDATE;DAILY KOS CALLS FOR CRIST TO SWITCH TO DEM'S

In fact it is the one that should have been asked of Dede Scozzafava in New York before she got the Republican nomination or early on in her campaign.

"Governor/Senator, if you should not get the nomination you are currently seeking do you pledge not to run as an Independent or to switch to the Democratic party or endorse the Democrat ? "

There should be no reason why they should avoid answering this question which will assist settling the voters minds as to the candidates intentions so the voters can make an educated choice in the upcoming primary .
From the left wing radical blog "Daily Kos" today

"There is a way for Crist to avoid all this heartache, of course. Switch parties. He's dead as a Republican. Florida is too expensive for a serious independent run. Become a Democrat, and he has a fighting chance of ever serving in the Senate."

The question remains to be asked/answered   "Governor Crist will you pledge not to leave the Republican Party should you not get the nomination you seek? "

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