Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Anti-Palin Biased Rubbish From Mark Halperin

 Palin, after all, was a bet that didn't pay off — and probably backfired — for the Arizona Republican. So say Mark Halperin in another Time/CNN hit piece on Sarah Palin.

In a supposed review of Plain's initial appearance on Fox as a commentator Halperin spends most of the article pimping his book "Game Change "after allowing an opening paragraph of grudging non-criticism.Fear not ,the usual PDS comments flow out-they are so boring now-as the article moves on.

The extent of which these liberal commentators are happy to make a buck out of deriding Palin so blinds them to the contradictions in what they say and report that it is bordering on the ludicrous. The "bet that didn't pay off" comment is a classic example. Even Steve Schmidt had to admit that without Palin on the ticket they would have done "even worse" (for example commentators conclude that Palin "dragged McCain over the line in Missouri"). These PDS folk ( to call them journalists would be an insult to the profession) should take a deep breath before they make such poorly thought out statements.

Interestingly one gets the impression that the radical left is disappointed with Palin's first two interviews in her new role on Fox. "boringly predictable" has become the mantra-they were of course looking for "dumb" Palin gaffes or radical statements when what they got was, sadly for them. a measured intelligent cogent presentation.

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