Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Right's Criticism Of Palin Is......Right

For perhaps the first time, at least to an extent that it is visible, there has been criticism of Sarah Palin from the right. This has been focussed on her announcement that she was going to campaign for Senator McCain's re-election and also her decision to be the headline speaker at the forthcoming Tea Party convention (and subsequently her decision to still speak there given the apparent internal difficulties that event is experiencing).

There has been criticism of Palin to a degree in the past but this has centered on her decision to resign as Governor, her difficulties with her daughter's ex-boyfriend and even her Thanksgiving turkey pardon speech.
All these relate to matters of style, family, and life decisions and are not externally, anything but overtly personal.

The recent criticism is,for the first time,directly related to external political matters where a major poltiical stance has been taken. As with all such matters any decision will be found faulty with some and those who have found fault have expressed their displeasure-although I note that for the most part the criticism, no matter how strident,  has not lead to a complete break.Rather, the expressions run from disappointment to sadness but rarely to anger.

This is all to the good. The very worst thing for both Palin and her supporters would be for her to be viewed as "she who can do no wrong".The end result of this sort of mindless adulation would be the eventual crashing disappointment that the followers of the cult of Obama are experiencing as their idols feet of clay are exposed to them.

Make no mistake about it, as the 2010 elections draw nearer, and following them the primaries for the 2012 election, major decisions will have to be made and some of her supporters will be upset by them. It is only by frank discussion, interaction by Palin with her supporters as to the reason for her decisions, that misunderstandings will be avoided and the mass of her support is able to work within the upcoming new framework which will be the Sarah Palin campaign.

Constructive criticism, request for explanations must and should be the order of the day from a new "Big Tent" of Palin supporters able to understand the opinions of, and dialogue with, those who take a more "conservative" conservative view and those of a more liberal strain.It should not be a headline topic in the Palin blogosphere that one group or another is criticizing some Palin decision-but most certainly a topic of conversation, interaction and support.

I certainly don't agree with those on the right who are negatively vocal about Palin's support of McCain's upcoming campaign but I welcome their opinions as I welcome their ongoing support of Sarah over the long term and ask them to view my opinions constructively. There is too much at stake for Palin supporters to undertake destructive actions against each other, conversely there is too much at stake not to view Palin in a realistic light as someone who will, in one person or anothers mind, make a decision they don't agree with.
"My candidate right or wrong but still my candidate" is a the healthy and rewarding attitude.

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