Wednesday, January 20, 2010

PPP Polling Anti-Palin bias blows perfect Brown win prediction.

Kudos for Tom Jensen at PPP Polling for picking the result of the Massachusetts election spot on.It is worth noting too that his and others method of robo-polling has laid to rest any qualms about the accuracy of such polling mechanisms.

What is sad however is his jaunt into political commentary-which as a Democratic party leaning site does nothing for establishing PPP's credibility as a mature, unbiased organization.Certainly Gallup comments on their polling but it is an Olympian manner and it would be generally recognized their comments are not skewed to one party of the other.

Thus it is unfortunate they state that, in their latest polling analysis of who they perceive the G.O.P. contenders for 2012 are  "Voters don't really like Sarah Palin any more than they did ten months ago". They base this on their polling results which showed Palin's favorables/unfavorables in March at 39/50 and now at 42/51.

This is an increase of favorables of 3 points and of unfavorables of 1 point-how a reputable pollster can conclude that there is thus no favorable movement can only be put down to partisan bias ( and sadly, to PDS which clearly affects even those at the polling firm level). Showing even more skewed bias he advises that Mike Huckabee has the best rating having gone from 36/37 in November to 35/29 now.Certainly a drop in unfavorables but also a one point loss in favorables which puts him 7 behind Palin.

PPP should leave the liberal talking points to Nate Silver and concentrate on what they do best which is, so far, producing first rate polling.

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