Friday, January 8, 2010

Sarah Palin Needs A Black Knight Urgently

The biggest tribute to the extraordinary person that is Sarah Palin is that she is still standing after being the recipient of an endless stream of invective, contumelies, lies, slander, sexism, misogynism (that is a short list,there are many more such) which would have toppled lesser mortals.

At this point the campaign against her has narrowed somewhat to a number of main themes.She is dumb, a poor parent, a quitter. The previous main line of attack included her youngest son is really her grandchild, she was the reason McCain lost, she banned books, made rape victims pay for their rape kits. Happily these seem to have now been dropped in the main as, having been endlessly pushed to little effect, the left is thrashing about for more receptive themes.

The dumb, poor parent, quitter line of attack is struggling. Palin, through her book and interviews, and highly effectively through her Facebook postings, has taken the edge off that line.It is still being pushed with the rider that she "hasn't done one interview with anyone outside of Fox"-conveniently forgetting the Larry King , Oprah and Walters interviews which were wide ranging.

In a classic example, not only of political brilliance but of standing an argument on its head, with Palin's comment that we need a leader to deal with terrorism not a "Constitutional law professor" she made clear the difference between common sense and activism versus high education and ivory tower standoffism.

The parenting situation will continue to get some degree of promotion especially with the ongoing saga regarding her daughter Bristol's custody case (The Wasilla hillbillies meme).However there has been a switch in how the public views this with a current of sympathy and empathy running towards Sarah as a mother with family challenges-which so many can relate to.Her nearly son-in-law has not helped the situation for her enemies with his antics either.

"Quitter" which is almost inserted compulsorily in any attack statement has lost its impetus as it is hard to give it any value when describing someone who is not currently running for elective office-no doubt it will gain substantial momentum at some time in the future though.

All these lines of attack are clearly not working as can be seen by Palin's steady rise in the polls, the astonishing outpouring of emotion towards her during her book tour, the unprecedented success of her book and her effectively being co-equal with Hillary Clinton as the most admired woman in America.

The battle has just begun however and the big gun is slowly being raised from its pit,the canvass has been removed and the site trained.The first range finding salvos have been fired off in recent months, that they have not exploded theme wise yet is because the target wasn't broad enough-it is now.

Palin has  accepted a major speakers slot at the Southern Republicans Leadership Conference in April. In the stridently opposed blogs/tweets the comments include that her attendance shows she is part of a small, minority, sectional, rich and most importantly (for their argument) white party.Some come right out and say it "Palin is a racist".The "white party" theme is starting to filter in through mainstream media too.The MSM won't touch the racist part but "white" will do nicely as a not too subtle code word as the campaign intensifies in the future.

The reason why this has not been a major line of attack previously has been the major problem for the left that Palin is married to a part Native American and of course her children are of that descent. Now that the main anti-Palin themes have failed this one will clearly become a major threat.With Palin's high profile involvement with the southern wing of the G.O.P. her deprecators will consider that an oft repeated theme will gain traction (not that many know Todd Palin's heritage and a perceived anti-black mindset, no matter how much of a lie, trumps that).

There are numerous supporters of Palin from the black community of bloggers/commentators who recognise
Palin's values transcend race in her desire to work for the best quality of life for all.What is urgently needed is for one, hopefully with a high profile, leader from the black community, representing both conservatives and fair minded liberals, to stand up for Palin when the oncoming "racialist" storm comes.Someone needs to have a dedicated blog, which brings to light and destroys the "racialist" attacks and lies from the left .Who will be the "Black Knight" at this dangerous time for Palin? If one such stands up for Palin all posterity, all Americans of every descent will be in his or her debt as racism in politics is something we can't let happen from whatever quarter e.g. from  MSNBC's  " First Read " column's comment section  "I'm wondering if Sister Sarah has been fitted for her WhiteSheet yet? "

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