Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's All The Fault Of Corzine/Deeds And Now Coakley- Revisited (With Delight And Irony)

I wrote the article below on the 9th-I don't hold out much for being prescient as by that time the tide was clearly starting to go against Coakley. The premise still holds though-even though Coakley ran an abysmal campaign she would have won Massachusetts under any circumstances barring the one which made her lose-being tied to the yoke of the Obama administration. And what irony-that Ted Kennedy had the rules changed to allow for a special election which will now possibly totally derail the health bill on top of which it has deliverd Obama his third major electoral defeat in a row !

The title bar isn't big enough to include the 40+ or so names from the House and half a dozen+ from the Senate who will join the list of candidates who will all have run "terrible campaigns" this November.Certainly the radical left will not lay the blame at the feet of clay ( if an empty suit can have feet of clay) where it belongs. However, all to the good-their recipe for success for their agenda, apart from the new "aggressive Obama we have been cautioned will now emerge,  is to have "true progressive candidates"  instead of the wishy washy "lazy and dull" ones who went down to defeat because they all ran poor campaigns-every single one of them. 

I hope they get their wish and primary all their remaining seats in 2012 with "true progressives".


They just don't get it-or are in deep denial.The radical lefties,especially over at Kos, blamed Corzine in New Jersey and Deeds in Virginia for the loss of the governorships in those states. Apparently these losses, by a massive margin in Virginia, a state Obama carried by a significant margin, and in New Jersey, usually a solid blue state, had nothing to do with the Obama administration. No, they were attributable solely to the "poor" (and that is a euphemism for a number of words which I won't print) campaigns run by "terrible,useless candidates".

That the lib blogosphere was quite happy to have Deeds as their candidate when he beat off the competition (especially the Hillary supporter) in the primary is noted however.

With the latest poll from PPP showing the Republican candidate Scott Brown actually in the lead in the bluest of blue states Massachusetts, the Kossites and their ilks' heads are exploding. Everyone, except Obama and his administration is to blame but, as expected, the number one person at fault is, once again, the hopeless and hapless candidate-this time Martha Coakley. If you can bear it and have an ironic sense of humor,view the comments section at the link.

For your delectation here is just one of many posted at Taegan Goddard's site "Really, Coakley. XXXX you for being complacent, lazy and dull. This is what happens when you rest on your laurels and forget you're in a friggin Senate campaign until the week before the election. Honestly, as a loyal Massachusetts liberal, I'll vote for the Democrat... I just wish it didn't have to be this one."

Again, she was perfectly acceptable when she got the nomination but is now aloof and useless and running a poor campaign and etc.The fact that Independent voters in the PPP poll are supporting Scott Brown by an incredible 70/16 margin appears to be not worthy of consideration as to why that might be.

One would hope,in the interest of having a real dialogue with the oppostion that they will wake up and examine the root cause of their run of defeats (even in Brown loses by a much lower margin than the one Obama carried Massachusetts by (26) that would be a defeat of sorts-or at least a kick in the pants for the Dem's). On the other hand it is an enjoyable spectacle watching the left, who have had a long run of victories, not comprehending what is happening to them as they experience defeat for the first time in many instances

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