Thursday, January 10, 2013

Conservatives Must Cease Eccentric Conspiracy Theories. Stakes Are Too High In 2014/6 To Be Tarred By Media As Extremists

 Mel Maguire at Conservatives4Palin has a post up "Please, make it stop"which calls for conservatives to basically get a grip on reality.

Here,at the end of this column, is part of his post-you can read the whole item AT THIS LINK

.Maguire is 100% on the mark, especially with his comment about president Obama and the media tarring all conservatives with this sort of brush.Really, it has to stop.

The stakes for the 2014 elections, where, due to normal Dem voter drop off the opportunity for real conservatives to be elected is very high, and of course for the presidency on 2016 are extremely high. As I wrote elsewhere this may be the last chance for conservative societal views to be back in the mainstream.

Therefore anything which gives the left the opportunity to characterize the conservative right as extremist, conspiratorial  minded and nuts will take away from these , perhaps once in a lifetime opportunities.

Look, the Obama administration will not declare Marshall Law in two months, the 2016 elections will take place as usual, Obama was not born in Kenya, neither is he an anti-Christian Muslim working undercover. 9/11 was not a conspiracy by the US government, the government is not planning to take away everyone's guns. All of these, and more have been and are still touted by conservatives.

Let me put it another way, people who hold these views are entitled to them but if they can keep them to themselves for the next four years they will in fact be doing their cause more of a service then shouting about them. 

All the shouting in the world is not going to expose the "truth" behind any of these chimeras but will stop conservatives from being elected.

Here's Maguire's remarks

"Many of my friends have been posting a video clip of Alex Jones on Piers Morgan telling the British liberal elitist that “1776 will commence again” if the government tries to take our guns.  They all think it’s great, but they forget who he is.

Jones is a 9/11 truther, a bona fide member of the tin-foil hat brigade who was interviewed along with several other truthers for a History Channel special on 9/11 conspiracy theories – toward the end of the special, he compared himself to Galileo, saying, “I’m saying the world is round, I’m saying that 9/11 is an inside job, I’m showing the official story is a fraud, a flat Earth theory, and I know I’m going to be vindicated.”  Later, outside the Denver Mint (near the 2008 Democratic Convention was taking place), Jones went on a screaming rant during which he chased Michelle Malkin around the crowd, calling her “evil” and “a monster”.  In an interview after that incident he claimed that he was set up, that his voice was normal, he was being polite and just asking a question – but that Malkin’s “people” created the video as disinformation.In short, Alex Jones is a couple of french fries short of a Happy Meal.
I can’t stand the guy.  He’s an embarrassment to the conservative cause. He is the pathetic caricature that President Obama paints all conservatives as.  Sadly, the media is only to happy to give him airtime because of it"

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