Monday, January 28, 2013

Left Agrees;"Not ALL Women Should Be Front Line Troops Only "Matching" Women" (Calling Boadicea)

Yes, I actually saw that bow to common sense (in part of course) on a leftist website. Even the blinkered left can't ignore the reality of the physical differences between males and females. Where these "matching" in size and strength females are to be found I am not sure ( and frankly don't want to know either) but, "calling Boadicea, the tribe of Amazons and of course Joan of Arc."

Obviously  in a combat situation a man can carry a heavier load and has more physical endurance. In spite of leftist feminist wishes, Mother Nature created them that way.

In a combat situation where a wounded comrade needs rescuing under fire and to be carried bodily a long distance it is ludicrous, and potentially life threatening to both the rescued and the rescuer, to have a woman attempt to carry e.g. a 230 pound man.

As much as the feminists say that it is old fashioned and paternalistically "patriarchal" it is a very real possibility that a male may act differently in the face of a wounded female companion than if it were a male-again, to possibly both their detriment.

As for rape, kidnapping and bearing a rapist child, those too are very real possibilities-which I have discussed at length.

I note the radical left "Wonkette" has seen fit to ridicule opponents of having women in front line combat. I note they have not  addressed the very real and very dangerous situations outlined above. 

The editor, one Rebecca Schoenkopf, or "Commie girl" as she is self-styled, is never going to be (especially as a self-styled "big breasted Jewess") in the position of carrying a combat opponents child, nor bodily carry a 220 pound wounded man under fire. 

Rather Schoenkopf and the other radical leftists can, like her, pontificate and prescribe for the "sisterhood" from the comfort and ease of her Los Angeles office whilst women and men die needlessly and sacrificed 
on the altar of leftist feminism.

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