Thursday, January 10, 2013

How I Met Your Two Gay Blacks Who Adopted A White Girl.Hollywood Imposes "Values" Without Addressing Societal Impact

Scrolling through the television channels I came a cross something which appeared to be a sitcom called "How I met your mother" which appeared to be one of a number of similar such trite drivel. 

What caught my attention, briefly, was a dialogue between one of the main characters and two of his acquaintances who appeared to be a married Black gay couple who had just adopted a white female child.

Now before I get to my point I believe I have to, ridiculously, unfairly and wrongly, issue the following disclaimer;

If the couple had been two white married lesbians who had adopted a Black boy, or two Jews who had adopted a Roman Catholic child or two of any combination who had adopted a child not of their race/color/ethnicity/gender I would still have written this post. The simple fact is that in the show the couple were Blacks of the same sex who had adopted a white girl.

And the point is that the relationship depicted, which even the most liberal would hopefully admit is not the most usual found in society (as would be the case with the alternative scenarios I set out above) was depicted as if it was a societal norm. It isn't of course as, after all, same sex marriage is still only legal in seven states. 

But, and this is the key point, there was absolutely no discussion or presentation of any aspect which might arise or have arisen which would possibly impact the child and its adoptive parents.

If Hollywood is going to continue to push/present/impose its mores and values, such as they are, on society then they must, if they are honest, which they clearly are not, also present what real problems/difficulties/hardships might arise subsequent to those "values" being taken into the mainstream of society and how they might be addressed.

The pecking order and insecurities amongst young and teenage children has not changed and nor is it likely to. And anything which is in any way "different" is viewed sometimes harshly in that environment-as wrong as that may be. 

By presenting something which is new in relationships as established and accepted fact, the leftists may in fact be delivering untold harm and trauma, and they must accept a balance of responsibility along with their urge to shape society towards leftist ultra-liberal Hollywood ideals. 

Sometimes the kids are not all right and the fault lies with the radicals.

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