Friday, January 25, 2013

Leftist Meme: 'Dem's Won 3/4 Last Presidential Popular Votes" Is Hubris.GOP Won 12 Of 18 In Their Ascendency

One of the latest leftist meme's in their ongoing post election gloating (which will end shortly as all these things do in the ongoing election cycle) is that the GOP is finished because of demographics etc etc. 

They point to the Republicans losing the popular vote in three out of the last four elections as proof that the Republicans are forever a minority party of "old white men". 

We've been through this before of course, after the 2004 election Republicans were gloating that "we control everything  the presidency, both houses of Congress, a majority of governorships, and the Supreme Court. Four years later all that was reversed.

But to put the current 'three out of four losses" in perspective lets look at, courtesy of Wikipedia, the elections from 1860, when the Republicans first won the presidency, to the end of their first ascendency  in 1928. Of the 18 elections, in the popular vote totals the GOP won 12 to the Democrats only 6 (in the Electoral College the score was Republicans 14 Democrats 4). 

In point of fact it is more than possible that if it were not for Black voter suppression/Jim Crow laws the Republicans would have won the popular vote in 1876 and 1884 making the true margin 14 Republican popular vote wins to the Dem's 4.

Thus for the gloating Dem's to see another one of the mystical 'permanent-majority" scenarios ( enter the party of your choice) which have surfaced every time there is a big win for either party, is just the result of hubris.

1876Rutherford HayesRepublican47.92%−3.00%4,034,142−252,666Samuel TildenDemocratic
261888Benjamin HarrisonRepublican47.80%−0.83%5,443,633−94,530Grover ClevelandDemocratic

241880James GarfieldRepublican48.31%0.09%4,453,3371,898Winfield Scott HancockDemocratic

251884Grover ClevelandDemocratic48.85%0.57%4,914,48257,579James BlaineRepublican

271892Grover ClevelandDemocratic46.02%3.01%5,553,898363,099Benjamin HarrisonRepublican
331916Woodrow WilsonDemocratic49.24%3.12%9,126,868578,140Charles Evans HughesRepublican

281896William McKinleyRepublican51.02%4.31%7,112,138601,331William Jennings BryanDemocratic

211868Ulysses GrantRepublican52.66%5.32%3,013,790304,810Horatio SeymourDemocratic

291900William McKinleyRepublican51.64%6.12%7,228,864857,932William Jennings BryanDemocratic

311908William H. TaftRepublican51.57%8.53%7,678,3351,269,356William Jennings BryanDemocratic

201864Abraham LincolnRepublican55.03%10.08%2,211,317405,090George McClellanDemocratic
191860Abraham LincolnRepublican39.65%10.13%1,855,993474,049John BreckinridgeDemocratic

221872Ulysses GrantRepublican55.58%11.80%3,597,439763,729Horace GreeleyDemocratic

321912Woodrow WilsonDemocratic41.84%14.44%6,296,2842,173,563Theodore RooseveltProgressive

361928Herbert HooverRepublican58.21%17.41%21,427,1236,411,659Al SmithDemocratic

301904Theodore RooseveltRepublican56.42%18.83%7,630,5572,546,677Alton Brooks ParkerDemocratic

351924Calvin CoolidgeRepublican54.04%25.22%15,723,7897,337,547John DavisDemocratic
341920Warren HardingRepublican60.32%26.17%16,144,0937,004,432James CoxDemocratic

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