Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gary Johnson Finishes at 0.98%.Doug Mataconis "Proudly" Voted For Him Which Shows The Support For His Utterly Discredited, Anti-Palin, Views

As can be seen by the, surely, final figures from the 2012 general election now that the Electoral College votes were posted the supporters of the Libertarian Party appear to be cast into the outer wilderness.

Gary Johnson, for whom the apparently Palin Derangement Syndrome sufferer Doug Mataconis "proudly" voted for, received less than 1% of the popular vote. 

Put in another way, the views of Johnson and Mataconis were supported at the ballot box by 1,275,821 voters, and the views of Obama/Romney were supported by 126,831,549 or if you prefer 99% to 1%.

This would put the views of Mataconis and his ilk, which are so vehemently and dogmatically expressed at "Outside the Beltway" into perspective, especially when he so disdainfully dismisses Sarah Palin and her supporters. 

His views are the expression of a relatively tiny minority and they, and the site, are utterly exploded, can be ignored and when unfortunately encountered by chance, utterly rejected.

Vice Presidential
Popular VoteElectoral Vote
Barack H. ObamaJoseph R. Biden, Jr.Democratic65,899,58351.03%33261.7%
Willard Mitt RomneyPaul RyanRepublican60,931,96647.19%20638.3%
Gary JohnsonJames P. GrayLibertarian1,275,8210.99%00.0%

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