Monday, January 14, 2013

The Last Unfond Farewell To Romney's Ridiculous Candidacy

The manner of Mitt Romney's departure from the public stage-from "one of the two most important men in the country" to the now invisible man speaks volumes.

The fact that Romney shows more interest in hotel management than the fiscal cliff shows that the run for the presidency was all that interested him and the search for power for powers sake led to the hubris, e.g. ignoring the aggregate opinion polls, which assisted his downfall.

Winning the nomination because of a split conservative opposition,Romney won primary after primary with less than 50% of the vote, and through clobbering Gingrich in Florida with a massive media attack Romney
went on to provide one of the worst campaigns in electoral history. His choice of an uninspired and uninspiring VP candidate who couldn't even win his home state whilst blatantly alienating the Palin and
 Ron Paul's  supporters was outstandingly stupid.

Lets be frank, no Republican could have won in 2012. The public would not fully ascribe the state of the economy to President Obama, and Blacks would not abandon the historic achievement they so much assisted in bringing to pass in 2008. 

The election was over before it began (Romney not once led Obama in the aggregate polls). The Electoral College firewall that the Democrats possessed was unbeatable.Even if any Republican won Florida/Virginia/North Carolina and Ohio they still would have needed one from New Hampshire/Iowa/Colorado an impossible task.

Romney's "legacy" is not so much the loss, given the next to impossible path to victory, but the setback he has given to the GOP as it seeks to broaden its appeal. What sort of candidate could possibly have been worse than a mega-rich, totally white bread complete with blond patrician  dressage horse owning wife? What more contrast with a Black president, who came from a single parent home and relative poverty, could there have been than a multiple Cadillac owning (with a car elevator for goodness sakes), multiple home venture capitalist?

Whether one agrees with Obama's philosophy or not, to oppose him and his basic consistency with someone who flip flopped on almost all matters of major significance, who was the architect of the Obamacare system,
speaks volumes of the arrogance of the GOP establishment who foisted Romney on an unwilling rank and-laughably as "Mr. Electable".

Then there is the matter of Romney's Mormonism. This didn't become a major issue, apart from the likes of Newsweek ridiculing it, because the mere fact of nominating someone from outside the mainstream Christian path was so ludicrous that the sheer idiocy of it was in itself enough to stifle discussion, it being taken for granted that it would alienate evangelicals.

There is no good whatsoever to have come from the Romney candidacy except, perhaps, the imperative to once and for all rid the party of top down imposed Beltway/Establishment "electable moderates", and to ensure that Hispanics and Blacks have a wider voice can be speeded up. 

If having a Romney lose an unwinnable election ensures that never again will such a type lead the GOP then, as painful a sight as it was, it may have been a bitter pill worth swallowing

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