Wednesday, January 9, 2013

USA Today Guilty Of Homophobic Imagery By Depicting A Man Married To A Woman To Illustrate Tax Changes

In their analysis of the tax changes subsequent to the "fiscal cliff' legislation USA Today on Thursday January 3rd ran these shocking illustrations which purported to show what a "married couple' look like.

There is absolutely no way that the people responsible for this glaring example of blatant homophobia at USA Today can deny the obvious-they have depicted an man and a woman as a married couple!!!

This is a gross and blatant insult to all the Gay and lesbian married couples in the seven states where such activity is the norm and to all those who fight for such activity to be the new norm.

It is an insult to the great mass of editors, producers, writers and especially actors in Hollywood and New York who work so hard to have their mores accepted by the great mass of what were previously considered as "normal" people who mistakenly followed societal and religious traditions dating back to time immemorial.

It is fondly to be wished that the editors at USA Today are besieged by angry callers demanding that in future married couples are dedicated as a man and a man or a woman and a woman. 

They should look to the future too as Hollywood/leftist pressures will no doubt press for "marriage' and "dependents" to include livestock and they should commission their artists to make ready drawings of e.g. a married man and a cow, two women and three dogs and whatever permutations leftists wish to have society accept.

In the meantime-get on the phone to USA Today and advise them of the error of their ways.

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