Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Celebrating "Hillary Is 44" A Wonderful PUMA Site;We May Meet In A Battle Of Ideas & May The Best Woman (Palin) Win!

UPDATE:Today (Friday 19th April) Is Hillary is 44's Birthday (although she is not 44 but the big 40).Welcome all "Big Pink" people. As Churchill said "The enemy of  my enemy is my friend"

I really really love the "Hillary is 44" site. I see the site as a sort of reversed mirror image of my Palin4President2106 site as we both support a person who has been pilloried by the media/misogynists/loonies and the Democratic Party.

I respect honest debate, and highly prize encountering pure passion, no matter where it comes from if it supports a legitimate, ethical and sane point of view. "Hillary is 44" meets all those criteria and then some. The contrast between the small and narrow minded Hillary can do no wrong, anti-Palin, ultra-leftist Taylor Marsh is striking

"Hillary is 44" is different from me/my site in the level of pure passion. She lays into all and sundry-Biden/Martin O'Malley/Michelle Obama/current leftist darling Elizabeth Warren, but most of all her absolute bete noire President Obama. I take a more sedate style into my Palin support, but the depths are no less deeper than hers I believe, and perhaps we suit our audiences better with mine perhaps having more of a religious emphasis in their world-view.

An example of this laying into can be found at a recent post "The Madness Of Hillary Clinton 2016". I won't reproduce any of it it can be found HERE as to do so would take away from the blunderbuss or cannon effect and the readers enjoyment. "Hillary is 44" in full sail is a wonder and joy to behold.

It will immediately become apparent to the visitor that President Obama is the villain of the piece and, as I read it, only the election of Hillary will reset the Democratic Party and America back to its centrist, co-operative course. That there is a massive sense of loss and righteous grievance at the site is obvious, and no detail as to how Hillary was robbed of her presidency and who did it is spared.

I believe we share a common  bond in both reflecting on the terrible injustice done to both Clinton and Palin as women, and the backstabbing done to them by their respective "support" teams during and subsequent to their campaigns. 

For Hillary is 44, there is the concern that a Clinton run will be sabotaged by the Obama inheritance, the country being in such a poor state presumably in 2016 that Hillary will be destroyed politically by Obama for a second time.

I have found the site to be supportive of Palin on a number of occasions, as have other PUMA sites been, and have the feeling that should Palin run, and Hilary doesn't, that the site will support Palin as a person of unwavering ethics. 

If Hillary and Palin do run, a prospect I thoroughly look forwards to as it would be a campaign of ideas and complete contrasts which is absolutely to be welcomed, I would also enjoy the philosophical battle with "Hillary is 44"-and may the best woman of the two, i.e. Palin, win!

N.B. I supported Hillary through the primary campaigns
and if she had won the nomination and Palin was not on the GOP ticket would have voted for her. In 2016 if Palin is not the nominee, and Hillary is the Dem's I will vote only down ticket GOP no matter who the GOP nominee is. As much as I respect Hillary the pro-life and religious aspect of Palin's life and philosophy is the supreme factor for me which precludes my supporting Clinton.

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