Friday, April 19, 2013

Myth Of GOP's "Southern Strategy" Useful For Dem Enablers Like Jon Stewart To Attack GOP "Racism" & Rand Paul

Jon Stewart in conjunction with his "Senior Black Correspondent" lampooned Rand Paul's visit to Howard University which was part of the GOP's new outreach policy.

Clearly this is a defensive move on the part of the left and of course highlights the hypocrisy of their call for  a co-operative social/political environment. Instead of applauding Paul's move, they found all the faults, real or imagined, they could with it.

The two "faults' they highlighted were the supposed condescension  in Paul's speech, and what they determined was the GOP's adherence to their supposed "Southern Strategy." This they claim is an indication of White racism, or rather cynicism by the GOP hierarchy in enlisting the support of White voters (former Dem's) in the South by toning down the admitted historical Republican support of Blacks to ensure those states Electoral College votes.

"You can't cover-up 50 years of racism by a supposed outreach" is their current meme. let's see how "50 years of racism" stacks up in reality. Yes there was an announced "Southern Strategy" by a GOP insider years ago, but whether such an announcement had any basis in reality is another matter.

Firstly, if we take the election of 1972 as the commencement of this so called "strategy" the time frame is 40 years. The time frame for Republican commitment to Blacks-including the ending of slavery, if we accept it ended in 1972 (which it didn't), ran from 1854 to 1972 that is 118 years or nearly three times as long as the purported reversal.

If the Electoral College map from 1972 to 2012 is considered without bias, and with logic, it will be seen that there is no "Southern Strategy' based on a prejudicial attitude to the Black community. For this exercise the 11 states of the Confederacy, plus the two states claimed by it, are reviewed for their collective voting history.

* South Carolina * Mississippi * Florida 
* Alabama  * Georgia * Louisiana  * Texas 
* Virginia * Arkansas * North Carolina * Tennessee 
   Kentucky and Missouri. 

1972 To talk of a victorious "Southern Strategy" when the entire country rejected McGovern's radicalism and incompetence is ludicrous.
1976."No evidence of a "Southern Strategy as Democrat Carter sweeps the entire south bar Virginia
1980.Ludicrous to refer to a Southern Strategy in GOP's triumph as the nationwide reality was rejection of Carter
1984 Almost the entire country showed confidence in Reagan. Southern Strategy concept is meaningless in this scenario
1988 An all sector landslide against the incompetent Democrat Dukakis
1992 The South splits 7 states GOP 6 states Dem. If there were a Southern Strategy it failed.
1996 7 to 6 split again-another Southern Strategy failure as Clinton increases Electoral College support in the South over 1992
2000 An election more to do with a general revulsion against moral turpitude than any specific "Southern Strategy"
2004 A "holding pattern" election strongly influenced by the terrorism factor and confirmation of a commitment to conservative social values.
2008 Southern Strategy deceased as Blacks turnout in massive numbers for historical reasons with Obama almost at Clinton's Electoral College levels
2012 Black voting trend remained in force with Florida  detached from the South for the third time out of five elections and Virginia twice in a row.'Southern Strategy" of Black voter suppression and of pandering to supposed White Prejudice doesn't exist except in the minds, or rather strategic analysis planning, of leftists like Stewart and other propagandists.

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