Thursday, April 4, 2013

Some Covers From The Radical Social Concern Magazine I Was An Editor Of

There was a time when there were social comment magazines which managed to express the views of young social activists without the "snark" and, well just filth and personal invective that seems to be the norm today in "social media".

For some years I was on the editorial board of the "Catonsville Roadrunner". This selection of some of the covers from my time give an indication of, yes, youthful exuberance,  but also a genuine desire for positive, radical change. 

All these concepts were expressed with fire, vigor and pointed humor which contrasts sharply, and sadly, with the sort of humorless  invective as seen at the likes of "Daily Kos" or childishness and "snark as seen at the likes of "Wonkette".

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