Friday, April 5, 2013

Wouldn't Think It Possible But Yes, Palin Attacked For Being Part Of Terry Schiavo Catholic Event Today

Palin is well known as a sincere and devout Christian and respecter of life. In that regards she is a guest speaker today at the Terry Schiavo Foundation's memorial mass conducted by Archbishop Chaput in Philadelphia.

Who or what party/creed/religion could possibly find something to attack Palin and the event about in respect of such a solemn, dignified and significant event with so much sadness involved for Schiavo's family and friends/ Apparently one Rick Cohen is one such.

Writing at NPQ (Non Profit Quarterly) about the event Cohen has this bit of sarcasm to say:

So any event, no matter how serious and dignified is diminished and non-serious by Palin's attendance? This is insulting to the organisers, the people attending who find Palin's personal respect for life as evinced by her son Trig and her attendance at the Schiavo event inspiring. It is also a gross insult to the organisers who obviously see Palin's attendance as a positive constructive aspect of their program.

"Notwithstanding the inclusion of Palin on the agenda, there are serious issues involved behind the Network. On one hand, you have some people saying that medical advances have made possible the prognosis for people in vegetative states to regain consciousness for moments due to medications such as Zolpidem, though long-term solutions don’t seem to be in the offing. On the other, there are questions about the cost of keeping people alive in acute-care hospitals, essentially denying beds to other potential patients, as opposed to keeping them at home. Some people question whether the process of keeping patients alive in persistent vegetative states, using often-invasive measures, is actually doing violence to those people."
. –Rick Cohen

Cohen then reinforces his biased anti-Palin view with an absolute and emphatic commitment to denigrating her and the event with this statement.Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS) in extremis;

"Nonetheless, despite the serious and heartfelt concerns of people involved in the Schiavo case, and despite Palin’s oft-stated concern for the disabled due to the condition of her youngest child, the inclusion of Palin as the keynote speaker and a $25,000-a-session fundraising ploy seems to take away from the substantive issues that merit thoughtful discussion and debate"

This is proof positive that nothing, absolutely nothing that Sarah Palin does or says, no matter how innocuous or religious or family orientated-anything in fact- can't be attacked,

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