Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Is 24 Consecutive Years Of A Democrat In The White House The Acceptable Price Of The Demise Of Leftist Media Like Wonkette?

The election to the presidency of a junior senator with no foreign policy experience, no major domestic policy achievement, an association with a felon, initiated into politics by a Weatherman, an admitted drug user in his youth, a member of a church, (where he saw nothing of such ravings in 20 years) whose Pastor was raving, was utterly improbable. 

Under normal circumstances the idea of his election would have not only been impossible, especially with Hillary Clinton as the presumptive nominee, but laughable.

Only the most extraordinary of circumstances, in this case the utterly abysmal war policy of the previous administration, and a conspiratorial "Journolist" media in tow in slobbering obeisance, made such an otherwise rise to power possible.

The reality is that President G.W. Bush, was the major factor in making candidate Obama's election possible, as I set out in a brilliant analysis of the fall of the conservative ethos in America

On Tuesday November 2nd 2004, President G.W. Bush was re-elected by more than three million votes than his Democratic Party opponent John Kerry received, with Bush winning nearly 51% of the vote. 

President Bush carried 31 states, and the GOP won a 30 seat majority in the House, and picked up four seats in the Senate to have a a 9 seat majority 55 to 44, The Republicans also had 28 state governorships, as well as there being a conservative majority in the Supreme Court.

If there ever was a time when it could be truly said "America is a center-right country", it was on election night 2004. The GOP was seen as the party of economic stability, of a prosperous, broadly contented America, and the rock of security in the face of the radical Islamic terrorist threat.

Election night 2008, just four years later, it was all gone. 

Not only has this disaster for conservatives punished them, and the country, with eight years of morally regressive leftism, but it has set the scene for a minimum of 28 straight years of a Democratic presidencies. 

Not that that matters very much as regards policy, as with the GOP certain to control either the House or Senate or both for substantial periods, little in the way of radical leftist economics or infringements on personal liberty can be effected. As regards foreign policy, with the end of the Iraq and Afghani wars, there is little to be exercised about.

It is in the only thing that that really matters, and can be affected by a presidency, the moral ethos of the country, that the prospect of 28 years of a leftist/Hollywood/media/Gay agenda will be a concern to conservatives.

There is, unfortunately  a mechanism now win place which will lead to this "permanent Democratic majority".

The "It's time for a Black to be president" meme need not have had any force in 2008, just as it didn't when Jesse Jackson was running for president. Only the disastrous Bush administration through its wars gave the theme momentum. Even then, it took an economic cataclysm just before the election to ensure candidate Obama's victory. Once elected, the concept became an integral part of the prevailing mood of the country.

In 2016 the next meme will be "It is time for a woman" and with Hillary as the standard bearer for the Dem's she would have every chance of winning. Then, as sure as night follows day, it will be "It is time for a Gay or lesbian to be president " (or even "a Gay and lesbian ticket" whichever way round it works). 

At that point, after 24 years of leftist "it's time" candidates, the well will have, thankfully run dry. I don't consider any "it's time for an Hispanic" (or whatever ethnic minority is flavor du jour) as the GOP has a stable of such, and either party can run whatever minority takes the public's fancy at that time.

Is their any saving grace for conservatives from this disastrous scenario? There is a small grace, with which one has to make do with scraps in the light of overwhelming circumstances. All the radical leftist blogs which bubbled up from the sub stratum, some from the deepest hell during the Bush years will finally have exhausted their hate, seen their agenda in place, and their audience having advanced into sensible middle age with mortgages and the like.

The likes of Kos Moulitsas, Charles Johnson, and other assorted oddballs like Andrew Sullivan, will have seen their audience depart and they will return, with suckers money unfortunately, into the obscurity from whence  they arose. Hopefully at that point utterly ridiculed and lampooned by a new generation of conservative bloggers untouched by the Bush miasma. 

Does the "mainstream media" and the likes of Politico and Slate deserve such a fate too? If it was still operating in the type of leftist foment of the Bush years, then yes, in fact into Dante's last circle of hell where Newsweek currently resides, they would go. 

But under the kinder gentle new editorship of Wonkette in the eventual conservative environment maybe, just maybe, there will be a place for traditional political social comment and political satire of the Shelley Berman/Mort Sahl type. 

But conservatives will be watching, and woe betide Wonkette if it strays into the world of Daily Kos, Crooks and Liars and the "journolist" conspiracy again.

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