Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Current Polling Shows Palin has the Nomination Sewn Up Against Romney the Invisible Man

The latest PPP poll of GOP identities in Colorado shows as per this analysis from Hot Air a remarkable swing from their previous poll which had Romney (the invisible man) at 44% Palin at  25%  and Huckabee at 17%.The latest figures are Palin 29% Romney 25% and Huckabee 19%.

The Colorado poll can be added to the Arizona poll which had Palin in first place and North Carolina where she was tied for first place with Huckabee.

This is an excellent spread of Southern/Mid-Western and South-Western voters.The results have remarkable aspects. In a heavily proportionate Mormon state, Arizona she leads Romney, In Colorado a liberal state she has dramatically captured the progressive votes and in a classic Southern state she has tied Huckabee.

If, as seems likely Huckabee does not run it might be expected that the bulk of his support will transfer to Palin-it seems inconceivable it would transfer to Romney.

If this happens it would give her a solid block of Southern states, substantial Mid-Western and South-Western states to counter the possible Romney wins in California and the industrial Eastern states. Effectively it would mirror the Bush versus Kerry election map with Ohio being the pivot as it was then.

There is work for Palin to do but at the moment she is in the ascendency and Romney is the invisible man-if this continues then the nomination is all but wound up for her.

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