Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Difference Between Lib Blog/Web Sites And Palin Conservative Sites

The difference is, in the absolute main, that liberal blog and websites are:

Childish, silly, immature, petulant, grossly sexist, misogynist, contumacious, arrogant, pornographic. They deal in misrepresentation, slander, violence, and ad hominems instead of addressing issues. Here is just one sample (this from "Daily Kos") of tens of thousands

"She offends everything I believe in... and I fucking hate that woman. That she is of my gender is offensive. That she stood as a candidate for the vice-presidency is a blight on the achievement of every women in history that achieved something on her own merit (and legitimately). That she is still fucking talking and, worse, that anyone still pays any attention to that lying political schemer is BEYOND offensive. She is a walking contradiction. She's a quitter. And she's a lying sack of moose shit.I can't even have a discussion with friends who "like" her, thinks she's just a good ole gal, or give her ANY kind of validation. I absolutely refuse. Fuck that shit - she insults my intelligence, my sense of feminism and equality. She's not smart, learned, well versed, curious, intellectual, and I can take nothing about her seriously. She is the antithesis of everything I value as a woman, as a progressive, and as an American. I swear, I find her more offensive than Ann Coulter, and that's really saying something."

Conservative Palin supporting posts are, in contrast:

Mature in thought, intelligent, sensible, honest, modest, issue based, moderate, straightforward, peaceful, address issues without attacking persons. They deal with what the person says not what gender they are.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree as the saying goes or you can tell a tree by the fruit it bears. The fruit of  hate falls from the tree of Alinsky  aligned liberal thought. The fruit of Palinism is sweet and pure and refreshes and builds the body politic.

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