Saturday, May 1, 2010

Esquire's Palin Hatchet Job Columnist Heffernan Makes Political Joke Of The Year

"But the press is never more bloodthirsty, more investigative, more prone to go for the throat than when its prey is a presidential wannabe. Reporters may act like obedient pups (about Palin) now; in 2012, they'll be a pack of Cujos"

So says  Tim Heffernan described as the "leans Tory" Assistant Editor at Esquires' "The Politics Blog". His column, is yet another anti-Palin hatchet job-will the left EVER give up on their relentless attacks on this women who, according to them, has no power or authority-it really is a serious mental illness.

He sets out that one of the five (other columnists go for ten  reasons why she would be a good/bad president in their fantasies) reasons that Palin won't run for President in 2012 is the ever watchful, ever vigilant press and makes the above purler of a statement. I know, it is like shooting fish in a barrel but here goes....

Oh yeah Tim-where was this bloodthirsty, go for the throat, investigative pack of Cujo's when Obama was the "presidential wannabe". You and your ilk are so blinded by Obama worship, or the leg tingles are too distracting, you still can't see the journalistic wood for the the trees. Pathetic

If Heffernan honestly thinks the press has been soft on Palin he is living in some alternate universe. No politician has been subject to such an unending campaign of lies,vilification and contumely in modern history.

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