Friday, May 21, 2010

Reagan to Palin Website Must Meet The Higher Standard Expected Of The Palin Era

The Reagan to Palin website touted and has now presented an electoral college analysis which sets out how Sarah Palin can win the 2012 election-especially with the assistance of the upcoming changes in the electoral college because of population shifts.

The analysis is correct in its general assumptions and of course is welcome. However it, the blog, fails in not meeting the standards expected of the new Palin era of stringently scrupulous reporting and analysis. Unless we keep to that, how different are we from the MSM/Lame Stream Media which we rightly decry?

I presented this sort of electoral college forecast twice-firstly in December 9th 2009- SarahPalin's Certain Path To Election In 2012 -and then, when further details of the demographic changes were available, I did an update on December 27th 2009.

This analysis was picked up by the widely read "Conservatives4Palin" blog which did a major feature on it that attracted a substantial number of, mostly highly favourable, comments which agreed with the factual analysis and the general tenor of the posting. The also highly read "Riehl World View"
commented on the presentation as well

The Reagan to Palin posting has not acknowledged the 2009 presentation on this blog. It might be that they were unaware of it but I emailed them pointing out my earlier work which comment they have not published on their site.

I am scrupulous in crediting previous work on a subject I address, in advising my sources, and will post a link if I can find one. I believe this is the minimum expected and required of the new age of Palin politics and commentary-I believe the Reagan to Palin blog has fallen below that standard.

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