Saturday, May 29, 2010

N.Y. Times Charles Blow Epitomizes Media's Anti-Palin Double Standard

In a New York Times op-ed columnist Charles M. Blow goes as close to excoriating president Obama for his handling of the BP oil spill crisis as is currently permissible (permissible by the inner conscience of Obama supporters who are, in incremental bits, admitting to themselves their hero is what Palin described him as during her VP candidate acceptance speech).

In reviewing Obama's press conference Blow admits the President was lacking in being engaged (he did not seem to know his director of the Minerals Management Service had been cut loose) and empathetic-not showing anger at BP and not strongly supporting the folks whose livelihoods are at risk, and the unfolding environmental catastrophe.

However, for Blow Obama saved the day by his anecdote about his daughter saying she asked him ‘Did you plug the hole yet, Daddy?’ Score." After all, whose heart doesn’t go out to a cute little girl when she worries". And , "On... empathy, Obama came up short. That is until he invoked his daughter and saved himself. Malia for the win! "

Now, if Palin had said a similar anecdote when being interviewed about a major event and invoked Piper the MSM/Leftist bloggers would have shrieked, in chorus and loudly, "Palin using her kids as a human shield/Palin trots out her family as props/Palin uses hillbilly family to cover up her failings" and endless variations on the theme.

The leftist media has had its hypocrisy exposed and has shot itself in the foot by having to fall back on Obama's children as his saving grace (that they have to shows how far Obama has fallen in credibility) because they now can't accuse Palin of doing the same thing-one more anti-Palin meme has bitten the dust as the Emperor is getting closer and closer to the no clothes position that Palin described so clearly in 2008.

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