Thursday, May 27, 2010

New York Times Columnist And Readers Froth At The Mouth Over Palin

Just when I think that PDS has reached the level where the crazy can't be exceeded it rises to new heights-or depths as the case may be.

The bastion of East Coast ultra-elitism the New York Times has a new Palin hit piece which loses all pretense at objectivity-I won't bother to detail it as basically it is the same old same old but which you would expect from this newspaper (which is on its last legs and would have folded long ago but for cash injections from Mexico).

The truly stunning aspect however is the 13 ! pages of venomous, spiteful, incoherent in their rage, idiotic, false, responses to the column. The thrust of many if not most is that Palin is a nobody whose 15 minutes are well over and who has no influence on the body politic (and of course she is apparently ignorant, a liar, a grifter and etc etc).

This of course begs the question-if she is so unimportant then why this uncontrollable spewing of personal attacks against her? I have come to the conclusion that the effect is that of a rabid dog which has lost all control due to an all pervading sickness and which bites and scratches at any target.

The rabies infection is actually the need to kick and bite at an easy target to relieve the utter frustration the left feels in the performance of Obama. It is their fault of course that they have descended to this level of mindset because they willingly put him on an impossible pedestal. Now that they see he has feet of clay they are not willing to blame themselves for either their lack if judgement or for having been taken in by the very media they use to vent their frustration through.

This understanding is valuable for the right/Palin supporters because it takes the reaction against this incredible venting from one of anger-which distracts from the job ahead-to one of pity and understanding.The best thing to do now is to give a sad shake of the head whilst ignoring these mad blathering from the disaffected left and get on  with the positive work of spreading Palin's message of-dare I say it- hope and change.

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