Thursday, May 6, 2010

Liberals-I Have Family In NYC-Pure Dumb Luck Is Not A National Security Policy

The immediate reaction by Liberals across Daily Kos and  numerous leftists  sites when the Times Square bomb failed to detonate was to blame the right, Tea Partiers and, according to Mayor Bloomberg it might have been a Health Care Bill protester.

They have been very silent,or "saddened it was a Muslim" since  it turned out-to the disappointment of some-to be a Pakistani American. Now, as time goes on, we hear of numerous slip ups by the government agencies which if handled correctly might have prevented this near disaster.The NYC Police and others involved in the follow up investigation  did a wonderful  job. But nothing takes away from the fact that this is the second cock up-the "underwear" bomber and now this attempt-which only pure dumb good luck stopped two disasters from happening.

It is a sorry state of affairs where lives were spared through the actions of a Dutchman on the plane and a T-shirt street salesman in NYC. The Pakistani was minutes from getting away because of slip up as regards the no fly list which mirrors the underwear bomber case. Shahzad-even did a dry run  in after training in Waziristan-how much more blatant activity did Napolitano's team need to stop this?

I have a son in New York-it is entirely possible he and his wife and children might have been in Times Square that night and there might have been a family tragedy.This might have been a terrible event for my family and for hundreds of other families on the plane and in Times Square.It is simply not good enough.
Liberals must stop blaming the peaceful Tea Party people, who have not been involved in any violence, in their knee jerk way, and call for Napolitano to be sacked before the dumb luck runs out.

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