Friday, May 21, 2010

Palin Loses Luggage Media Explodes In Frenzy-World Coming To An End

I gave up counting the number of news reports about Palin's luggage going missing on her flight to a campaign visit to Boise Idaho which are listed on the Palin media tracking blog "Sarah Storm".

Apparently Palin had to "borrow" an alternative outfit for her speech endorsing a local GOP candidate, it was reported the outfit was provided for her and she reimbursed the purchaser-but even that aspect is attacked by this idiot and of course the drunks at Wonkette

Honestly, is there nothing she says or does which does not get the Lame Stream Media in a frenzy and yes, for getting to this ridiculous level of "reporting" the LSM deserves the name Palin gave them. The only positive is that she is perceived as a threat who must be attacked at every perceived opportunity.

However I think the public has long ago seen through that and is viewing her with a new regard as her long term held positions, and serious comments on current events, seep through the liberal media filter.

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