Monday, May 31, 2010

Shock Sarah Palin Top 8 Reasons Why The Secret Of Who Wants To Know The Little Known Ways To Get Rid Of Crazy Mom's Secret.

Hits to this blog are well down since it was delisted from the Palin supporting blog lists. I am under no illusion that anything I write is of any value to anyone or worth more than a cursory glance by the few souls who check in from time to time (which is appreciated).

However, in case a bon mot now and then hits the mark I looked for ways to build up the hit rate. Searching across the net I found there seems to be key words which are guaranteed to get the hits coming so I ran them all together in the header for this blog entry-not sure if that is the right thing to do but I thought, well why not go all in?

I could follow "The Other McCain's" lead and publish pictures of pretty girls but that's not really my style (but good for them for doing it).Neither is adverts for "Teeth whitening secrets of crazy Mom's" (but I'll give the crazy Mom theme a go in the title here just in case).

Actually the build  Ab's by getting ripped  (whatever that means) and teeth whitening adverts are tempting as the  donation appeal for funds through rational discourse doesn't seem to work either-ah well, I'll just keep pecking away in my hovel thinking of ten little known ways how I can get proven impact on this blog.

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