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Celebrating The Most Beautiful Women UPDATE;Monica Barbaro

"The Most Beautiful Women" was a very popular post (I wonder why???). I later added
Beautiful Jewish actresses (following the images below) then saucy conservative bloggers "Chicks On the Right" (also below) then Pippa Middleton's overbite.

Pausing to regain my breath Shelly Fabares followed. One thing is clear from this celebration of pulchritude-I am an incurable romantic, there being nothing salacious, or chauvinistic about this post, rather it is entirely celebratory. 

It is celebratory not only  as regards pulchritude but talent. Monica Barbaro is added to my personal hall of fame on both counts. She is obviously classically beautiful but  clearly an accomplished and talented actor. This little comedy vignette "It's Not About The Nail" (A must watch at THIS LINK)  written, and also acted in, by Jason Headley is a tour de force of expression, wit and balance and Barbaro carries it off effortlessly (which is a tribute to talent and hard work). She is destined for greatness without doubt 


These lovely ladies run,mainly, to a type, not being the obvious Monroe/Mansfield but rather the rosebud in the heather. That said I was inspired to redo this column by seeing the BBC's Mary Queen of Scot's (an outstanding performance by Robert Carlyle as James 1) and was captivated by the French actress Clémence Poesy who played Queen Mary. Again not the classic or obvious beauty but a special sensuousness and inner character which lights up her face.

Shelley Fabares

It's my blog and from time to time I post pictures from a perhaps mythical past when someone as beautiful as Shelley Fabares was a possibility. Life isn't all politics and serious stuff, there is a time place for old men to see things in the past through misty eyes once in a while and this is my indulgence.

I know that "all men are fools" and as Hamlet said "God gave women one face but they put on another" but there are amongst all women all of whom are beautiful some who are exemplary in their beauty. And of course "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" but, that being said, I would find it difficult to imagine that too many would object to the choices I have made as being examples of singularly beautiful women.

 Ann Tremko
Emily Blunt
A quick glance would immediately show that I am a hopeless romantic hence my choices run in that direction, rather than the more glamorous, but our personal preferences are what makes the world go round-and a good thing too.
 Susan Hayward 
  Jean Simmons
                                                                      Ann Blyth      
   Keri Russell   

 Salma Hayek (By Request)
Hollywood Professional School graduation yearbook photo 1962    ORRIEL SMITH APPRECIATION SOCIETY
Orriel Smith             
    Yvette Mimeaux                   Catherine Zeta-Jones                                                            
 Charlize Theron            Claudia Cardinale                                                                    
"There are no beautiful Jewish actresses"
Or so my son said to me  (being of an age when beauty has particular interest for young men). I rose to the challenge and ran off a couple of names, but being of a different age, those I deemed beautiful (as so they were) were names which might as well have been from a different planet.

Who, under..lets say a certain age...remembers the, when young, wild Yemeni beauty of the  songbird Shoshana Damari, of the young Clair Bloom, Goldie Hawn from "Laugh In" days, of the exotic Anouk Aimee and the voluptuous Linda Lavin?

Not daunted, well in fact daunted, as I have lost touch with who is young and beautiful (sadly) I checked in with Wikipedia's list of Jewish actors which, helpfully, lists these actors by birth decade and advises of their Jewish descent and heritage. 

So here for my son (actually to prove I am right of course) are some selected images of female actors (I had to use actresses in the blog title to clarify-there are plenty of handsome Jewish, some surprisingly so, male actors, if one is so inclined to investigate, at the same link) described as of Jewish heritage who were born in the1960's to 1980's which should come into his mindset hopefully.

Anyway, who needs an excuse to appreciate beautiful women of any race, creed or religion? But proving an offspring to be wrong is as good a reason as any.NB; Although Wonkette's Rebecca Schoenkopf qualifies as Jewish, and says of herself "I AM" beautiful she, sadly, doesn't make the cut.

Conservative bloggers "Chicks On the Right"
And beautiful inside and out

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