Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Democrat's Sex Distraction Problem-Straights,Gays,Lesbians,Transgenders Muddle Message

Remember the halcyon days for the left, the G.W. Bush years? No, not the wars, or the financial crisis or their bugaboo Cheney (N.B. not a racist word thanks) or G.W. himself, rather the leftist blogosphere feasted on a seemingly never-ending cornucopia of Republicans caught in, mostly, Gay sexipodes.

Senators with "wide stances" Congressmen (always men) sexting with under-age interns,an unending list of ultra-conservative officials who ranted about Gays then enjoying such things until outed. The likes of Wonkette, Daily Kos feasted until satiated and then feasted again as if the wheel would never turn full circle to the misty-eyed for conservatives Clinton years.

But turn they have, and just as the hypocrites on the right were hoist with their own petard, the left is exhibiting a seemingly endless parade of all manner of satyriasis, righteous Gays causing outrage (for and against them) amongst a divided left.Male whistle blowers who wish to become females, and Lesbian partners of high profile candidates being brought into the campaigns to confusion as to their new and unique role with ensuing distraction from the candidates message).

The left was divided enough on the rights or wrongs of the Assange/Manning/Snowden "whistle blowing" until the Guardian's journalist who reported on Snowden turned out to have an aggrieved (by the authorities) Gay partner which created a massive fissure on the left. Little Green Footballs turning on the hate, Crooks and Liars turning on the love and hating the Obama administration.

On the "straight" front Dem's Weiner and Filner created huge opportunities for utter ridicule and Spitzer distaste for his ridiculous attack on Weiner. All of this hormonal hypocrisy and confusion is the result of the left getting what it wanted-a victory in the "social wars."

Nearly everything the right stood for in the 2004 election in the social sphere has been overturned under the Obama administration. The resulting anything goes and everyone can marry anyone, do anything to whomever atmosphere, has created a time of license without any morality based structure-or rather any reference to self-discipline.The result is these Democrat's are revealed as variously hypocrite's, liars, perverts
sexually confused or sexually uncontrollable. 

The result has been a massive distraction for the Obama administration as the governing party undergoes a slow and steady descent in the social morass whilst it assumes the blame for the economy and its foreign policy failings.

The left sowed the social wind it is reaping the social whirlwind and if this malaise continues the 2014 elections will make 2010 look like a gentle remonstration and will make President Obama the lamest of lame ducks. If that is the case then any of Palin/Paul/Cruz in 2016 will make the left wishful for G.W. Bush

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