Friday, August 16, 2013

Poll; Vote Who Is The Most Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS) Afflicted Media Woman

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It is an interesting exercise to determine who the public consider the most PDS afflicted media woman so I have listed some of the most prominent for readers to cast their ballots.

If you have the stomach to see pictures of some of these harridans it is at THIS LINK 

Before I get accused of misogyny let me say yes, of course many many men are also PDS afflicted, but their PDS usually runs from servile writing to appease/please their media paymasters or just plain mischief making (e.g. "Gryphen" at Immoral Minority") for page views. The genuinely PDS afflicted men are beyond the sad cattiness and general ugliness which causes much female PDS, and they are simple deranged e.g. "Patrick" or womb obsessed "Sully"

That said here is the sad candidate list for "Female presence in the media with the most Palin Derangement Syndrome."

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