Sunday, November 22, 2015

Media To Admit Defeat? Two New Non-Online Polls Give Trump Massive 10 point leads

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Surely, surely the media and the pundits have to now admit what has been obvious to everyone else for a long time-Donald Trump is not only the front runner he is very much so.

Massive turnouts for him everywhere he goes,crowd sizes any other candidate would be proud to have half of must now make the scales drop from even the blindest and most prejudiced of eyes.

"Poll: Trump retakes lead, Cruz surges in IA; Rubio second in NH:"

The last  fortress for the Establishment has been that Trump's large poll leads were "not valid because they were internet polls. Well; that has been blown away by the ABC and Fox telephone/interview polls released today.

Trump/Carson/Cruz are 59% of GOP polling. The media/Establishment really should stop embarrassing themselves

Media favorite Rubio continues to make no traction no matter how hard they push him and Establishment hopes Jeb and Kasich languish. FROM; HUFFINGTON POST POLLSTER

And the trend line makes the gap even starker-calling Megyn Kelly!

And in the state polls it's a field day for Trump from REAL CLEAR POLITICS

Poll media hides.Trump gains 20 points lead Hillary by 5 Nov 4. Hillary 56% Trump 41% Today Trump 46% Hillary 41%

  Under the next debate guidelines it appears only Trump/Carson/Rubio/Cruz/Bush will be in the main debate.Fiorina right on the cusp at 3.5%