Saturday, November 14, 2015

Time For Liberals To Join Conservative's Call For Action Against America's Enemy

After 9/11 even far left loons like Andrew Sullivan and Little Green Footballs Charles Johnson stood behind America and put the external threat from radical Islam first. Those days are long gone as both degenerated into various forms of bizarre conservative hating behavior.

Sullivan's was the worst as he descended into the madness of 'Trig Trutherism' actually stating it was a "legitimate question" to ask if Palin's son Trig was really her own. Whatever reputation he had was destroyed with such crazy behavior in support of Obama.

Little Green Footballs has become a site for the deranged "progressive" left whose oddness and spleen can be seen in the comment sections reaction to the tragedy in Paris. Conservatives are hate pilloried for daring to object to President Obama's handling of the Middle East situation, and for suggesting further that having hundreds of thousands of Muslim brought to America might not be a good idea.

The left has gained their social agenda; homosexual rights, same-sex marriage, a culture whose "norms" are dictated to society by Hollywood, students taking over universities and, in the coasts at least, a "culture" of utter disdain for the rubes in flyover country. 

That this latter victory has cost them control of Congress, a neutered president and the loss of 900 elective seats seems to be a price they were willing to pay. But if that's what they want then so be it, conservatives will be content to continue to take over the vast majority of elective posts whilst the left may continue to keep a diminished presidency.

But beyond the social agenda the Paris attacks, again, have shown that there is an existential threat to the American way of life from an enemy that knows no quarter, no civilized notions. People who are quite happy to die after slaughtering hundreds can't be dealt with as have previous enemies and it will take a united America to deal with this threat.

Conservatives have, with Donald Trump and Sarah Palin in the lead, made it very clear that this is a major aspect of the next administrations policy, but it will take a united country to ensure America is kept safe. 

The time has come for the left to rise above partisanship and to find common ground with conservatives on this matter. Everything else political can be dealt with with the usual left/right battles, but a life and death struggle can only be won by fighting together against a common enemy and not with each other.

Are there voices on the left who are willing to stand up for America and reach out to conservatives win or lose in the next presidential election? So far there is no sign of such a movement, if it doesn't happen conservatives will fight on alone but the judgement of the American people on the left, if something terrible happens like in Paris, will be justifiably harsh.