Tuesday, November 24, 2015

UPDATE Economist Trump 36% Ipsos 38% Gravis 37% And Leads In Three New State Polls (Iowa+9)


Trump's trend line speaks for itself Whale swimming amongst minnows

YouGuv/Economist to 11/23

Reuters Ipsos 5 day tracking poll.

The day before, the 23rd Trump hit 42.6%
 from Gravis Marketing for OANN (with a relatively low margin of error 
of +/- 3% ) as noted by Donald Trump himself;

A new state poll of Massachusetts see Trump with a massive lead of 14 points. In Iowa trump continues his lead even though Ted Cruz is hoovering up Carson's erstwhile support.Cruz will have a bit of a run like all the others and if he gets too close to Trump will feel the Trump blowtorch.

Given the evangelical GOP population in Iowa it is good that Carson continues to hold a percentage of support to prevent Cruz from getting a superior position.We will see how this plays out in due course but whatever happens in Iowa it seems unlikely that it will affect Trump in New Hampshire.

Who knows, a close second in Iowa might actually be for the best for Trump given that states recent record of its winners not going on to the nomination.

UPDATE;Trump extends Iowa lead to 9