Friday, November 20, 2015

UPDATE November 20th Astounding New Poll Trump 38.8%; Trump's 4 Months At The Top Of The Polls

UPDATE; Astounding new Ipsos Reuters 5 day tracking poll
Trump 38.8%  Carson 14.7%

July 20th 2015 Donald Trump moves into first place in the Real Clear Politics aggregate "Poll of Polls" for the first time.

Except for two days and by less than half a percent for that minuscule period, Trump has lead the field against all comers.

No matter who the media and an increasingly shrill and desperate GOP establishment pumps up Trump has seen them off. Perry then, and especially Walker rose and fell and vanished. Fiorina was the media's next push after her "crushing debate performance. She went from 1% to 13% and is now back almost where she started from and why she is still in the running is mystery. Jindal has gone, and the back of the pack are in a hopeless situation.

The media has now decided that Marco Rubio is their best chance after Kasich and Jeb bombed on them (they certainly don't want Carson or Cruz) and Trump will see him off in due course.

The pundits like Dana (I will eat my column if Trump is the nominee) Milbank and Philip Bump have come off looking like utter fools with their initial gross condescension to Trump and their ilk now have little to say except "when the field narrows down Trump will lose" Unfortunately for them this new Reuters poll explodes that concept.

 (Trump 43%/Carson 26%/Rubio 25% if they were the only candidates)

The poll pundits and especially Nate Silver's look the silliest whith their seeming endless graphs and charts produced by the erroneously named "Forecaster Enten" (Harry Enten) which showed candidates inprevious campaigns (Gingrich/Santorum etc) rising and falling which fate was confidently proposed for Trump.

Well here he is on November 20th his fourth in a row month as kingpin!