Sunday, November 1, 2015

Seven Things We Learned About the Media After GOP Debate

After the most recent GOP candidates debate the media's mask slipped and, for those who had not been aware, so did the scales from their collective eyes. So blatant was the obvious leftist bias from the CNBC panel questioning panel that even some lib media admitted their embarrassment.

Of course the anti-conservative bias is not limited to the purported leftist media. Such bias is there in abundance as shown by Megyn Kelly and her Fox colleagues and such purported luminaries and the execrable David Brooks.

The bottom line and identifier is "does this media outlet (TV/Blog/Newspaper etc) support either Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or Ben Carson? If the answer is "no" then the outlet is part of the anti-conservative media structure.

The debates have served a valuable purpose by exposing to all and sundry, and especially the so called 'low information voters" amongst the blue collar voters who Trump has brought back on board from their hiatus since the Reagan years, the abject bias of the media. 

Never again will they, under the guise of "journalism" perpetrate their hoodwink activity pretending to be above the fray pundits (those who are not obviously partisan that is).

Conservative activists have known this since Palin was subjected to the media's horrors in 2008.What the wider public have learned from the debates and the anti-Trump campaign (which commenced with utter vitriol in March) is, at least, the following;

1. The media hates you, especially if you live in flyover country   and "cling to your guns and your  religion."If the latter,  they look down on you with a special Beltway/NYC/L.A.  snobbish elitism

2. The media contains a leftist conspiracy

3. The media does what President Obama dictates they should    do-there has never been such a blatant, embarrassing and  craven example of submissiveness.

4. The media creates memes using graphs and charts and polls      which have no relation to reality.  The leftist website "538          dot com" run by ex-"progressive" Daily Kos contributor far       leftist Nate Silver and his "pundit" Harry Enten use all sorts     of pseudo-realistic imagery to show e.g. that  

 Trump is just another flash in the pan with a "1% chance of   getting the nomination."

5. The media promotes those it believes suits their purpose.   For example endlessly having the likes of Fiorina and          Rubio or whoever they consider has the best chance of  denying a genuine conservative the nomination. Of    course if they ever succeeded they would then turn on their new prey to clear the way for Hillary in the  general election.

6. The media has no shame. They can be proven to be utterly   wrong, for example with the endless  anti-Trump memes    ("he won't run/won't show his income/won't last etc etc.")

 and carry on as if  what they said never happened.   Unfortunately for them in this on-line age their  pronouncements  are readily available to toss back at them (not that they care of course but it is edifying.)

7. They admit they are in it for the money. Here's a classic example Washington Post's Dana Milbank

"On Fox News Channel’s “MediaBuzz,” Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank attacked Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump as a “rotten pig,” a “fraud,” and  a “Sarah Palin phenomenon.”
“I love writing about him. Yeah, the man is a rotten pig but good for our business, and yes, it is a guilty pleasure,” Milbank said."
There many more than seven examples of the decline and fall of the lapdog, leftist media but these examples will serve as a primer. For simplicity, when considering a media report that is not connected to the "bottom line and  identifier" mentioned above, just refer to "point 1" which will gives clarity and direction and never fails.