Monday, November 30, 2015

The Sick Left; Alaskan Mayor Found Dead Lib's Tweet These Palin "Connections"

UPDATE; Democrat in feature article bizarrely includes Palin in article on
"progressive Gay marriage supporting Mayor found dead"

That there is a manifest sickness among liberals has been made clear by their crazed ranting on Twitter. That it could descend into a circle of Hell that even Dante couldn't imagine in his wildest fantasies has been proven, yet again, today.

Following on from this tragedy (the full details of which are not available at this writing)

Mayor of Alaska's remote capital Greg Fisk found dead

Alaska's capital city is in mourning after its newly elected mayor was discovered dead at his home.
Juneau police in a statement identified the man as 70-year-old Stephen "Greg" Fisk, who handily defeated incumbent Merrill Sanford in the October election to become mayor.
A man found Fisk's body at a residence on Tuesday and alerted authorities.

The Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS) sufferers, and leftists who think they are very clever, used the death of this person to express their hate and stupidity to their utter shame.

Her are just some of the people, or rather alleged humans, who found Mayor Fisk'a death amusing and an opportunity to spread leftist hate towards Palin;

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