Wednesday, November 4, 2015

UPDATE; Five Latest Polls All Have Trump Ahead

There must come a point when even the pollsters have to admit they are useless or are serving their masters. How NBC can come up with polls so at a divergence with all subsequent polls is-well outlandish.

It could be pointed out that their figures for Trump are equivalent to the Fox and Quinippiac polls but their figures for Carson, especially having him at 29% 6 points ahead of Trump are just silly as is this bit of theater;

Surely,surely there comes a point when even NBC has to admit it's all nonsense? "NBC/WSJ Sanders 50, Trump 41 Sanders +9"

Here are 5 polls in a row with Trump ahead

NBC polls have distorted the Real Clear Politics aggregate of polls as that site doesn't use all polls so they have Carson just ahead;

But the more encompassing Huffington Post aggregation, which is as just or in fact more valid still has Trump ahead;

OAN explains the magical arts of NBC: