Sunday, March 13, 2016

Donald Trump's Incredible Poll Day 03/13/16; UPDATED;California/ North Carolina/ Florida/Illinois/Ohio/Missouri

Up 20 and 22 points in Florida
This is something interesting. California Political Review. com has a poll out on the Presidential primary in CA. Below is the link and results of the poll.
Donald Trump - 38.3%
Ted Cruz - 22.4%
John Kasich - 19.7%
Marco Rubio - 10.1%
Undecided / No Opinion - 9.6%


NEW;NORTH CAROLINA TRUMP +10 Rubio collapse continues as Cruz gets his supporters


Trump 44%

Cruz 33%

Kasich 11%

Rubio 7%


Up 4 or 9 in Illinois. Rubio's collapse and transfer of support to Cruz is obvious but still short of 

This poll was concluded before the Cruz approved riots.

In Ohio, the biggest challenge for Trump he has gone from being behind by 5 points against Kasich to a tie in one poll and behind by 6 in a poll that concluded a day earlier.At this point the outcome of Ohio is unpredictable but to be either tied, slightly behind or ahead within the margin of error bodes well

Latest polling from Missouri shows Trump up
seven points at 36% to 29% for Cruz

Fort Hays State University Poll
"Trump took 36 percent over Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, who was chosen by 29 percent of Republicans polled. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, who had garnered early support from legislative leaders, was chosen by 9 percent of respondents. 
Gov. John Kasich of Ohio trailed the field with 8 percent. The poll found that 17 percent of respondents who intended to vote in the Republican primary were undecided.

The poll had a margin of error of 4.6 percent overall, increasing to about 7 percent for the Democratic presidential question and 8 percent on the GOP side."