Thursday, March 31, 2016

Donald Trump's Amazing Poll Day 03/31/16 USA +19 Wisconsin 56% New York Tied -1

After the media went berserk over the Marquette poll of Wisconsin which showed Cruz ten points ahead of Trump (a poll of under 500 with a margin of error of almost 6%) a new PPP (Democratic leaning firm) shows Trump and Cruz virtually tied. 

This mirrors a previous Optimus poll which Trump two points ahead. The previous Marquette poll also had Trump on 30% so they lead us to believe Trump gained nothing from Carson's endorsement and Rubio quitting.

Nationwide Trump is still miles ahead From 9 to 19 points depending on the poll. This variation is why the aggregate of polls is what counts and Trump leads
by near 14 points.

And New York; if this hold trump could win all 95 delegates