Friday, March 4, 2016

Trump And Sanders 2016?

Of course I am not proposing A Trump/Sanders GOP ticket, that would be a ludicrous concept, nor that Trump runs third party with Sanders, rather as seems inevitable, as inevitable as anything can be in this unprecedented campaign, that Hillary will be the Dem's candidate and some of Sander's voters might support Trump in the general election.

Here are some thoughts from "progressive" sites;


"The interesting thing to me was not the immigration angle, but how much of the endorsement went to a general anti-globalization agenda. In this sense, the Trump wing of the Republican Party and the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party have much in common."


Dang looks like most #FeelTheBern supporters will move to #RealDonaldTrump is the democrat party forces #Hillary2016 on them #DemTownHall


"The establishment has been clueless for a decade or more.
I just want Trump or Sanders to win so they can screw with the plans of the establishment and K Street for the next four years. Anything after that is a bonus.
1. Tear up free trade agreements....bonus
2. Kill the H1B program....bonus
3. Shut down the borders....dont really expect more than an effort...but...he pulls it off..BIG BONUS
4. No more stupid wars....MAJOR BONUS"

Newt Gingrich's thoughts;

"There was a comment made at Breitbart, that is a very probable scenario.
" Democrats voting for Sanders could very easily vote for Trump instead of Hillary if they feel the Sanders was robbed of the election. "
The anger that is evident in this country does go both ways. There are many Democrats that don't like what has happened the last 7 years. The Grass roots of the GOP has been screaming that they are fed up with politicians.
If the Sander's Democrats go against establishment Democrats and go to Trump, Trump is in store for the biggest landslide this country has ever seen.
Both establishments will be saying how did we let this happen?"

Concomitant with this first slight eddy in what has the potential to become an onrushing tide is the seeming massive switch of Democratic Party voters in ultra-liberal Massachusetts to the GOP;

"Nearly 20,000 voters left Massachusetts Democratic Party this year, possibly due to Donald Trump, elections chief Bill Galvin says"

It has to be presumed that some portion are blue collar voters who feel disenfranchised by Obama/Hillary but who would be comfortable in staying within Dem ranks if Sanders had a slight chance of being the nominee.

It can't have escaped Sander's supporters notice that the turnout for the Republican primaries, particularly in the open ones where Dem's can crossover is hugely ahead  of what appears to be a demoralized Democratic primary turnout. If this is the case then these signs portend, as Gingrich rightly advises, a massive win for Trump against Hillary.

What would have happened is that Donald Trump would have transformed into "Franklin D. Trump."

The concept of a very rich man, not beholden to the party elite, going to bat for the working man is
a perfectly natural one for America (witness John F.Kennedy.)  The only difference this time would be it would happen via the Republican Party with a centrist moderate leading the charge.

The more things change the more they stay the same and a good thing too.

NB Only Trump has this crossover appeal
"Jim Webb: Won’t vote for Hillary, but might for Trump"