Thursday, March 3, 2016

UPDATE# 3:Donald Trump's Outstanding Poll Day 03/04/16

UPDATE#2 TRUMP UP 15 POINTS IN NEW KENTUCKY POLL FROM 35% February 26th to 50% today.Voting March 5th

Louisiana GOP poll
One America News Network/Gravis Marketing:Trump gains another 4 points

Trump 48%
Cruz 31%
Rubio 15%
Kasich 6%

UPDATE #1;Trump jumps to 23 point lead in Michigan after "Super Tuesday" In Kansas up 9 points from last poll

Mitchell Research:
Trump 42% (+3)
Cruz 19% (+5)
Rubio 15% (-4)
Kasich 14% (+2)

Brackets just before Super Tuesday and Carson in field 
gender gap for Trump: M: 42 F: 41
(Trump gained 6 points with women since last poll ) 
Evangelicals: Cruz: 31 Trump: 30 Rubio: 14

Latest nationwide poll sees a
striking drop in support for Senator Cruz from 22% in Reuters last poll 02/24/16

Kansas: Trump 26 (+12), Cruz 14 Rubio 13 but with 39% undecided. Voting March 5th

Two Louisiana polls give Trump huge leads ahead of the primary Saturday March 5th

Latest Michigan polls show Trump with significant lead

At Breitbart

Shock Poll: Donald Trump Earns More Muslim Support Than Rest of GOP Field Combined

Donald Trump has the support of 11% of Muslims, more than the rest of the GOP field combined.
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)
 comes in second with 4%,
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)
 wins 2%, John Kasich just 1%.
Among Republican Muslims, their number one concern is the economy (38%), followed by Islamophobia (14%), health care (12%), and foreign policy (10%).