Friday, April 30, 2010

The Alinsky Left Tactics Put Palin, Not Kernell On Trial

Using classic Alinsky tactics the left took every advantage of the Kernell hacker trial to distort who actually was on trial and who was the victim.

Standing logic on its head the left tried to make out that Kernell was in reality the innocent party, that Palin was pursuing a vendetta against a young lad who was just having fun and, ridiculously, that in the end it was all her fault for having an easily hacked into email site.

They also made out hat Kernell was in fact "a hero" for exposing to the world the fact that Palin was using her email account illegally to conduct government business.This of course has been ruled as not the case by the Alaskan courts but that didn't stop the left from using this blatant lie.One good thing about these leftist tactics is that because they had to be employed in the narrow time frame of the trial they became highly visible-thus examinable for the anti-Palin themes which gives room for analysis as to how to counter them in future.

Here are just a few of the more blatant ones- I hate to even give them a link especially the horrid Litman,the execrable Mudflats,revolting Huffington Post, and worst amongst equal-Palingates. But in the interest of countering rubbish propaganda here they are in all their infamy.

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