Friday, June 21, 2013

6 Month Metal Charts Show Massive Downturns.How Long Can The Economic Shell Game Continue?

I'm no economist or metal price expert but I know that when every single chart of these major metals plus oil is charting downwards, in many cases substantially so, something is wrong in the economy.

This after trillions of dollars have been printed by the Fed which means the underlying  problems must be massive. Of course the true nature of the economy is kept from the man in the street as in 2008 and if there is a collapse it will be a "black swan' which "no one could have foreseen". How long this apparent shell game can continue is a matter of conjecture and what would happen in there is another 1929 is also a moot point.

Most certainly the rise of fascism or communism can't be discounted.

If there is a further massive downturn on top of what some European countries e.g. Spain/Greece/Portugal are experiencing it seems inconceivable that their governments could keep the lid on the social unrest. With 50% youth unemployment it is astonishing that the pressure hasn't blown the lid of the social structures there.

If these charts presage a massive downturn the Obama administration will go into history along with Herbert Hoover. This time there would be a massive swing to the conservative right. If this does happen the scene would be set for a Palin-ite revolution as nobody else in the GOP has been sounding the tocsin with such credibility and for so long as has Palin.

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