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Belvedere;"Left must destroy core of Culture,part of which is Family."Who are the "Left"?

 Belvedere: "As part of it’s plan to reduce Western Civilization to rubble, the Left understands that it must destroy the core of our Culture, part of which is the Family.  Normalizing perverse behavior is one of it’s most effective weapons in this offensive."

                      The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels 
                              MANIFESTO OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY 

                                         Abolition of the family!

Bob Belvedere, at The Camp of the Saints (LINK)  quotes and links the noted journalist Stacy McCain who has been running a major campaign highlighting the paedophilia perversions allegedly associated with the "FreeKate" movement. For McCain's current comments, which go beyond the particulars of the case, and explore the wider societal ramifications please go to THIS LINK.

McCain states that, far from being, as paedophilia defenders state, (some being paedophiles)  the perversion being of rare occurrence and little note, it is in fact with the internet as one measure, significant. McCain identifies the perversions practitioners as including liberals.

Bob Belvedere considers this point and stresses, as I see it, that the legalization (and perhaps celebration) of such perversion, and many others, is just a matter of time. He, rightly points out that till recently homosexuality was illegal, (along with anal intercourse between heterosexual couples). I recall headline news that Vanessa Redgrave (a far far left Marxist/Leninist)  was "openly living with a man whilst unmarried." 

Now "stars" like Kardashian are celebrated for getting pregnant to one man whilst still married legally to another. Such is the march of "social equality and progress" which sees horrors like Gosnell,  "partial birth abortions" and Gays being openly allowed into the Boy Scouts.

All these societal changes are not the result of efforts by conservatives (except in the UK where homosexuality amongst the privileged classes has been  a public spectacle since James 1st but an abhorrence amongst the working class). They are driven by leftists in America and elsewhere (notably in France where the leftist government just legalized it).

Whilst it is fair to say that this "liberality' pervades all aspects of leftism the main driving force comes from one area. The acting profession, and allied areas such a producing, directing, clothing, set design etc are historically associated with homosexuality. It is also associated with leftism. whilst one would struggle to compile a list of famous actors (as Doonesbury noted with glee) who are conservatives, it would exhaust readers time and patience to supply a list of leftist actors, or even leftist homosexual actors.

I explored this at the time of the Academy Awards, which saw an Oscar go to the Palin hate film "Game Change" Palin being the utter antithesis of all Hollywood "values". I reproduce the salient points which, I believe identify "the Left" of the McCain/Belvedere despair and warnings. It is why the 2016 election may be America's last chance to reverse the immoral tide of perversion coming to a cinema near you.

Reproduced with permission and thanks to Bob Belvedere

The Left’s Campaign To Normalize Perversion

23 JUNE 2013 @ 18:38
In the Comments section of a well-reasoned post by Stacy McCain entitled Perverts, Degenerates, And Sociopaths, Dana  comments:
‘Twon’t be long before we’re being told that pedophilia and hebephilia and ephebophilia just “different orientations,” and that we shouldn’t regard them as realcrimes, don’t you know?  Or, as Roman Polanski — whom Whoopi Goldberg defended as not having committed “rape-rape” — put it, “everyone wants to f*** young girls!
Keyboard Jockey responded:
Pedophile’s have been trying to sell child sexual abuse as normal like forever .  Have you found any states that have changed their laws to indulge them? In fact lawmakers passed a federal law that US citizen’s can be arrested for child sexual abuse in foreign countries, and tried in US courts.
This state of affairs will not last long [although I do believe it will be harder for this part of the Leftist program to succeed for obvious reasons].
Recall that some four to five decades ago Homosexuality was a prosecuted crime in most states.  Then we were worn down over the ensuing decades to the point where now Homosexuals are celebrated everywhere, especially in the popular arts, and many otherwise Common Sensical people are okay with ‘same-sex marriage’.
Getting back to the subject at hand: our children are getting sexualized at earlier and earlier ages these days.  If the Left has it’s way, Age Of Consent Laws will be abolished.  They’re pretty patient about such things.
As part of it’s plan to reduce Western Civilization to rubble, the Left understands that it must destroy the core of our Culture, part of which is the Family.  Normalizing perverse behavior is one of it’s most effective weapons in this offensive.
Leftism Delenda Est.
  "The kids are not all right."  

Once again the denizens of Hollywood are using their unique propaganda tool, the Academy Awards, in the aid of their warped social philosophy.

It is a fair assumption, one only has to peruse the cover of  a gossip magazine,that a higher proportion of neurotics,drug users, out and out societal misfits, and the just plain mad who compose a proportion of the entertainment industry in numbers well  above the national average will be gathered together on awards night.

On top of their collective neuroses, and surely actors by their very profession are subject to various manifestations of eccentricity, they have, through the massive reach of their medium, enormous power, wealth and great influence on the average person.

Thus what just a few years ago would have been considered a gross perversion, if not illegal and generally not even possible, same sex couples adopting, or creating via the loving mechanics of a turkey baster, babies.

High profile entertainment industry types, can, through their wealth and media power, undertake actions which if a normal person attempted it they would be castigated or even arrested for breaking societies taboos. Over the years we have seen these structures of society attacked and then broken and then made commonplace by actors.

"Shock horror" newspaper headlines follow, then the glossies started to make it "interesting' and shortly after it became "normal" irrespective of what example it set for society and the effect it would have on children of such relationships. Of course such unstable relationships composed of unstable people break up one after another with untold harm on the innocents who are caught up in such horrors.

That aspect of normal society undermined, the next attack, Gay and lesbian same sex relationships adopting children hove into view. Again, the unthinkable becomes, via the wealth,"prestige", and power of entertainment types, perfectly acceptable to society. Elton John and partner adopts, how is it possible for men of their age in the first place to adopt an infant? Cynthia Nixon's "fiancee' gives birth amongst recent examples.

There are no long term studies on how children who grow up in these unnatural parenting relationships adjust in society.What sort of difficulties to they encounter at school amongst their peers? Do the have trouble establishing an heterosexual relationship? 

What effect will this have on population trends amongst Western nations and if they decline what will be the economic effects and the social effects as more third world labor is needed to take up the slack?

Hollywood doesn't care-all the denizens care about is satisfying their ego's, carnal nature and their hedonism "Cocaine is God's way of telling you you have too much money" Robin Williams is quoted as saying, Lohan, Sheen-well the list of examples is endless. Now having children has become their latest status symbol. It started with the adopting out of Africa craze and now has spread to same sex couples.

There are no barriers to satisfying their needs for those in the entertainment industry. Same sex parenting a no no? The propaganda machine starts. The first foray was The Birdcage with lovable characters, then "The kids are all right" whose premise is " look we lesbian parent couples are not weird, we have all the "normal" family problems and squabbles just like everyone else so our parenting is "normal"-just like everyone else.

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